Unfortunately, there are accidents that have very serious effects on our lives. This woman suffered a terrible car accident as a result of which the woman’s health was seriously affected and she required serious care in the hospital. The woman was in a coma and says that she met Jesus in heaven and she claimed that the time there felt like a thousand years. It’s incredible how a moment of inattention on someone’s part can result in an accident that can affect our lives in ways we never imagined.

In March of 2000, Valerie Paters was involved in a serious car accident that completely destroyed her entire car when it was pinned under the weight of a tractor-trailer.
When the doctors arrived at the scene of the accident, Valerie was unconscious, and her state of health did not seem very good, which is why the doctors considered that there were high chances that the woman would not survive.

Cheryl, the woman’s sister, prayed a lot to God to help Valerie recover. Although the doctors told her not to get her hopes up too much, she always kept her faith in God and felt that this was not true, and her sister’s life did not end with that accident.
She made a claim in the Bible for her sister based on Psalm 118:17, which states, “I will not die but live, and will tell what the LORD has done.”

Cheryl was convinced that her sister would find her way back to life, even though she was in a coma. Time passed, and Cheryl, their family and their church constantly prayed for Valerie to get well and return to the loved ones. Trust in God is all we have in such moments, and faith is the only one that can give us hope that everything will be fine.

The doctors informed Cheryl that there is no sign of brain activity in Valerie, for this reason she will most likely not survive. The doctors were helping Valerie to stay alive artificially. However, her sister always remained positive and said that she will continue to pray until a miracle happens.

Valerie’s health did not seem to improve even though the days passed and everyone was waiting for new informations and good news.

Valerie was already living in a separate reality, one that the people on earth were not aware of because she had ascended to heaven.

Valerie told that she arrived in heaven and everything was so bright that her eyes hurt and she could not see well what was around her, but immediately she saw Jesus.

The woman said that she felt as if she had arrived at home, in the place where she should be and everything seemed perfect and peaceful.

All her life Valerie felt that Jesus did not love her, but when she met him and experienced the depth of His love for her, she underwent a transformation.

Here’s what Valerie told about her experience: “It had nothing to do with anything that I had done for Him. It wasn’t my performance, that’s for sure. Nothing.
It was only me, but I wasn’t the only thing that He loved about me. But I was the object of His affections.”

Certainly this story is a very emotional one that makes us think if we listen to it carefully. Below is a video where you can see exactly what Valerie has to say.