Unfortunately, there are many cases where innocent people end up paying for something they didn’t do. This innocent man spent 17 years in prison for something he did not do. It seems that life is really unfair for some of us, isn’t it? However, a judge decided to re-examine his case, so all the evidence in the file was analyzed again. After this happened, the judge ordered that the man should be released immediately.

Everyone knows that when someone breaks the law they have to pay for their actions, but what do we do when an innocent person ends up being accused of a crime they didn’t commit? That person who is unjustly accused may have a family at home, may have dreams for which he has worked all his life, may actually be a person who helps a lot of those around him and is involved in charitable activities. In any case, that person is someone who respected the law and does not deserve to be accused of anything unjustly.

If you are a person who does not believe in coincidences, then the case of this man may change your mind. He was accused of a crime he did not commit and was immediately imprisoned for almost 20 years.

Richard Anthony Jones had a normal life in Missouri with his wife and their children. He was a good husband and a wonderful father who tried to give the best to his children. Also, he was a hardworking man and wanted to evolve.
One day the police came to his home and arrested him for a crime. The man declared that he did not know what it was about and was not involved in any way in that crime.

Richard said that he is an honest man who works and spends time with his family and has no idea about what is happening and why he is accused.

During the trial, there was no evidence of fingerprints from the crime scene, but the witnesses stated that Richard is the man guilty of armed robbery. Richard was accused and sent to prison in 1999. It seemed that the system was completely against him, and in prison he was confused with another inmate who seems to be his twin brother.

After learning these details, Richard decided that it was time to appeal his case because he must prove that he is innocent and that he must be released from prison immediately. He presented all the things he heard in prison, but no one paid attention to him. The world believed that he was guilty and no one considered that they should listen to him.

However, although initially he was not successful, the attorney who represented him submitted photographs of the “twin”. That man looks exactly like Richard. This is how it was found out that an innocent man was imprisoned for so many years, and the real culprit is still free and he can commit another crime at any time.

Richard was released in 2016, so he spent 17 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. That mistake on the part of the judges cost Richard a lot because he lost many years of his life locked away from his family. He could not see his children grow up and go through different stages of life. His little girl was just born when he was imprisoned, and when he was released she was already 17 years old.

Certainly these years were terrible for Richard and his family, especially since the real culprit was at large during this time and it is not known how many other harm he committed or could even commit a crime.

This event can happen to anyone, but we must remain strong and prove our innocence. We must never let ourselves be carried away by the flaws in the system.