Heidi Powell is very well known in the world of fitness, that’s why she got to hear about the story of Jacqueline, who managed to lose 170 kg alone.

Heidi was amazed by this story, so she decided to share it with us on her blog. She wanted to show us that everything is possible if we really want it.

Jacqueline Adan struggled with extra pounds all her life and was always ashamed to leave the house or do certain things because of this. The more upset she was, the more she ate.

She tried all kinds of diets over time, but nothing seemed to help her. Jacqueline was always on a diet and food worried her all the time. When she started college, she decided to stop caring about what she eats and try to have a life like those around her.

One day, her boyfriend, Kevin, and her sister, Jenny, all wanted to go to Disneyland. Jacqueline loved Disneyland and couldn’t wait to get there, but the experience was not what she imagined.

She was so weak that she barely managed to walk to the front gate without needing to rent a wheelchair. It had become almost impossible for Jacqueline to walk because of her weight.

She took a wheelchair to go to Disneyland and was ashamed of how everyone looked at her and seemed to judge her for the fact that she has so many kilos that she can no longer walk alone.

Jacqueline felt humiliated! Also, she could not do any activity in the park because of her weight.

After leaving the park, she was overwhelmed by many feelings: anger, shame, humiliation, shock. She couldn’t believe that she simply allowed herself to get into this situation.

After turning 25, in February 2021, Jacqueline was determined to change her life and nothing will be able to change this decision. She chose to call Jenny Craig. There she found out that she had to lose 300 pounds, but she was convinced that she could achieve this result.

After she left the office, she felt overwhelmed, but she was still determined to get what she wanted.

In the first year she managed to lose 100 lbs with the help and encouragement of Jenny Craig. Also, her family and friends were with her on this trip.

In August 2013, she had already reached the halfway mark. Then she returned to Disneyland together with Kevin, Jenny, and her cousins. This time the experience was completely different because Jacqueline was able to fit on every ride. This gave her even more confidence and determination to achieve her goals and never let her weight stop her from truly enjoying life.

Jacqueline went to Disneyland one more time before Christmas, and then Kevin proposed to her. She was happier than ever, and Disneyland had become the place where dreams really do come true.

Her life was different from a few years ago. She was engaged and had already lost 200 pounds. Jacqueline decided to get married when she reaches the weight she wants. However, at the beginning of 2014, Jacqueline felt that she was no longer losing weight as she wanted and she almost couldn’t even eat anymore, but she tried to convince herself that if she eats it doesn’t mean that she will gain weight again. Fortunately, she quickly found the way to the right path.

In 2015, she started “Fit For Life Solutions”, where she really liked it and the trainers really helped her.

Jacqueline noticed that with the help of training, you can see differences not only on the scale, but the inches are also decreasing. Finally she started to see some muscle definition!

Jacqueline goes to training 4 or 5 times a week and continues to consume Jenny Craig meals. At the moment, the weight on the scale is the same for 6 months, but the physical changes are visible.

She is happy that she managed to lose weight, but at the moment she is struggling to accept the excess skin that was left after this process and is trying to get payment from the insurance company for the surgery to remove the excess skin, but they are classifying it as cosmetic.

Jacqueline had her first skin removal operation and since then she tries not to stress anymore, but to focus on her recovery. Surely in the future she will find a solution for her problems.

Her journey is not over, but Jacqueline is excited to see what awaits her next. She is happy that she is no longer ashamed of herself and can finally enjoy her life.

She no longer has to worry that she will need a wheelchair to walk around or that she will not be able to do an activity with her family or friends because of her weight.

Jacqueline encourages everyone to be patient when setting a goal because the results will not happen overnight, and if our expectations are too high we will be disappointed and it is possible to give up on our goal, as she did for so many years until she reached an extreme situation.

Jacqueline showed us that everything can become reality if we focus on what we want and if we remain constant and determined. It is also important to be dedicated and to work for everything we want to achieve.