The British tabloids often focus on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry even after they left the royal family, especially after an important revelation about the two was discovered.

Meghan is linked to the British royal family. Looks like there have been people who have “dug” in Meghan’s past and found out that she and Prince Harry have 15th-degree cousins. It’s impressive how much can be learned about a person, with or without their consent, isn’t it?

The director Thomas Markle, the Duchess of Sussex’s father, has an English ancestor named Ralph Bowes, who served as a magistrate in Durham County, England, from 1480 to 1518. It appears that he had a niece named Bridget Bows, whose blood-related, Doris Sanders (born 1921), became the mother of Thomas Markle seven generations later. It sounds pretty complicated, but it seems to be true.

Above you can see an illustration showing how Meghan and Harry are 15th degree cousins.

Lady Elisabeth Bowes Lyon (1900-2001), the wife of King George VI of the United Kingdom, was linked to another nephew of Ralph Bowes, a cousin of Bridget Bowes, named George Bowes. Lady Elisabeth Bowes Lyon was the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, so she was the grandmother of William and Harry.

Sally Morgan, a clairvoyant, says that the relationship between Meghan and Harry is a very strong one and she believes that her marriage will last for many years from now, maybe even forever.

Sally Morgan said that’s her vision, so many clairvoyants say their relationship won’t last, she thinks it will last.

Many clairvoyants may say that Meghan and Harry will not stay together to get more publicity, because magazines love to write such attention-grabbing things.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have two wonderful children together. Their first child is the boy Archie and the second child is the girl Lilibet Diana.

The two decided to name their little girl in honor of Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth. The queen’s nickname is Lilibet, but this nickname is known and allowed only to family members. Looks like the queen’s husband called her that way.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II had a very close relationship, which is why he gave this nickname to his wife.