After kissing a family member, Sienna Duffield was diagnosed with the infectious virus earlier this year.

After severe blisters grew across the three-year-face, old’s her mother, Savina French-Bell, 21, had to wash her bed sheets every day and throw out things.

In October 2015, on her second birthday, her daughter was brought to the hospital and placed on an iv drip because she had stopped eating.

Then, a Gloucester resident named Savina asked for advice on creams and medications to prevent Sienna’s condition from getting worse.

She has now made the decision to share her story in an effort to help other parents whose kids have the same ailment.

She said, “Sienna’s skin infection was eating her alive.”

Sienna Duffield is shown in the photo recovering in the hospital. -An cute toddler whose skin infection was eating away at him has finally made a full recovery. Three-year-old Sienna Duffield was diagnosed with herpes earlier this year; this dangerous illness produced sores across her face. In October 2015, the toddler kissed a member of the family, which led to the serious infection.

Due to daily blood stains from Sienna’s sores, her mother, Savina French-Bell, 21, had to wash Sienna’s bed linens and frequently discard items. Sienna’s delicate skin was covered in blood smears and pus from the itchy, painful blisters. On her second birthday in October 2015, Sienna was rushed to the hospital where she was put on an IV drip because she had stopped eating.

In order to stop Sienna’s condition from becoming worse, Savina then sought information on creams and medicines. The young mother is now sharing her experience to support other parents going through the same thing. CATERS COPY, PLEASE.

When she first experienced mouth ulcers on her second birthday, it seemed to come out of nowhere.

From her mouth to her cheeks and over her eyes, it appeared as though someone had thrown acid on her face.

She claimed that eight months of antibiotic use had been ineffective in treating the illness, and that Sienna’s severe eczema-related prescription for flucloxacillin was the catalyst for the improvement in her condition.

She said, “Doctors were stunned, and they didn’t know for a very long time what had caused Sienna’s infection.”

“I discovered she has eczema, which has significantly worsened her skin,” you say.

Her face took so long to mend because her body was so weak.

Each day, her skin would be permanently adhered to pillows, and there would be blood all over the room.

I tried to stop her from scratching herself, but she kept doing it on furniture like sofas.

Thankfully, Sienna’s condition has gotten better, and her mother is hoping that it will keep getting better.

Sienna’s face has been beautiful for a while now, and the illness hasn’t come back, she claimed.

There’s always a chance it’ll come back, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it won’t and her skin stays as healthy as it is now.

I was told that as she ages, her body will be better able to fight off illnesses.

‘It’s wonderful to be able to go outside without receiving any negative feedback.’

‘Whereas before, people were mean to Sienna, today everyone is blown away by how well her face has healed, and it’s incredible to watch.’