There are countless occasions when social media has shown us that we should always look at what is around us before taking a picture, especially before posting a picture.

Some people never look better at their pictures before posting them and forget that other people on social media do this: analyze the pictures and see if something is wrong.

Here are some such situations. Maybe you will think better and check better what you post on your social accounts.

Never forget that if you take pictures near a mirror, your reflection may give you away.

If you take a selfie without pants, maybe it is better to check the picture very well before posting.

Again … mirrors betray us many times.

Looks like you’re posting a picture of yourself ready for the prom, right? Well … the mirror wants to show more on social media.

That’s really funny, isn’t it?

Well … maybe they are related

Something new for people who want to sell mirrors, but do not know exactly how to take a picture without seeing themselves.

Whoever installed this mirror certainly loves himself a lot.

It seems that installing a mirror can leave you out of your mind.

Another person trying to post a successful picture to sell a mirror.

This person even wanted a different selfie.

Maybe when we post a picture on social media we should check if there are other people near us, people who sleep …

Should anyone tell her where she is?

Don’t people really learn that pictures where there are mirrors can be … “dangerous”?

Hmm … how does a mirror actually work? Maybe they thought people would look at the baby more.

Like I said … we always have to check what the mirror next to us reflects.

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