Husband collapses when woman gives birth

David and Kate wanted to have a baby for 3 years, and after that expectation the miracle happened, and Kate found out she was pregnant with twins.

Fortunately, the pregnancy went very well, there were no problems. However, something happened when Kate went into labor.

She gave birth to two wonderful children 2 minutes away: Jamie and Emily. Unfortunately, the doctor told them that Jamie did not survive, although they did their best to save him. However, the parents could not accept this, they were devastated.

Kate and David wanted to hold their boy in their arms to keep his body warm. They could not accept that doctors could do nothing for their baby. Kate was the one who made this decision and she told her husband to go get the baby. There were 20 people in the room who were worried about what was happening.

What happened next can be considered a true miracle! After Jamie reached his mother’s arms, he began to move and his breathing grew stronger, a sign that he was trying to fight for his life even though he was just born. The doctors were very surprised, but they mobilized and acted immediately to help the family. Parents and doctors worked together to save Jamie and they succeeded!

Jamie is currently 7 years old and a very loved and happy child. He really likes to tell his friends that he was dead a long time ago, but he is resurrected. probably his new friends are very curious to find out what happened!

Jamie’s mother said that the doctor told her that Jamie did not survive, but she noticed that her baby seemed to be trying to breathe, so she decided to take Jamie in her arms to warm him up. He was very cold and she thought she would help her baby if she warmed him up. She also said that she and her husband had been trying to have a baby for years, so she couldn’t give up on Jamie so easily. She and her husband took off their T-shirts to keep Jamie warm.

Kate knows this may have sounded stupid to doctors since they thought there was no hope, and the baby was dead. However, Kate’s decision was definitely the best decision she ever made!

Kate said she noticed at one point that her son was beginning to take a deep breath. Then they knew there was great hope for him to recover, and then Jamie opened his eyes and began to breathe. The parents are very happy that they have chosen to have hope and confidence in their own instinct.

The twins found out this story when they were 5 years old, and Emily started crying when she heard how much her brother had to go through. Since then the twins get along much better, play very often together and are happy to have each other forever!

We can certainly learn from this family story that we must always trust our instincts and act as we think is best. We may not succeed at times, but it is best to try and not regret that we could have done more in a given situation.


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