There are many rumors that Princess Diana and Prince Charles are parents to a secret child together. What would it be like to learn that a princess exists who has never been revealed?

This notion has been explored numerous times and has been circulating in the press for many years.

Royal insiders have been hearing tales for a number of years that Diana gave birth to a baby girl named Sarah who is now in her 40s and older than Prince William.

The queen reportedly advised Diana to obtain a gynecological examination before being engaged to her son to ensure Diana was able to produce children, which was crucial for the royal family.

According to the absurd rumor, Prince Charles’ sperm was used to fertilize Diana’s eggs after they had been taken from her.

The outcomes later revealed that Diana is capable of childbirth spontaneously and is in perfect health. Instead of destroying the embryos, one of the doctors had his wife receive one, making her the unintentional surrogate mother of Diana and Charles’ biological child.

Diana grew close to her goddaughter Mary Wellesley because she wished to have a daughter.

Camilla was not pleased to hear that these reports had surfaced again after briefly disappearing from the news.

She dislikes that this incident is once again receiving media attention.

Diana’s name was once again the focus of attention and everywhere in the press she infuriated Camilla. Diana is probably always present in the family and is talked about very often, and this can be difficult for Camilla and now Diana is in the press again.

However, all these rumors about a secret daughter remain unsubstantiated until proven otherwise.

Diana had a close relationship with her goddaughter Mary Wellesley because she adored the two boys but expressed to her friends her desire to have a daughter.

Diana was overjoyed when her sons were born, according to Patrick Jepson, the late princess’ former personal secretary, but it just so happened that his daughters were born while he was working with Diana, and she always told him he was blessed to have daughters.

Diana, however, never gave birth to a daughter.

Lady Mary Wellesley is now a very smart and hardworking woman. Her sister-in-law is supermodel Jemma Kidd, and Mary herself has posed nude twice – once mermaid-style – for portrait artist Howard Morgan, a risky act that would no doubt have appealed to Diana’s mischievous sense of humor.

Going back to the rumors about Diana and Charles’ secret daughter, her name would be Sarah and she would be 8 months older than Prince William. If these rumors were true, then Sarah would be the next heiress to Prince Charles.

It also appears that Duchess Kate met Sarah, which appeared in the press to Camilla’s displeasure.

At the moment we do not know if these rumors could be true or not and we will probably never know, especially if the royal family does not want us to be! However, it would be news that would amaze the entire planet if it turned out to be true and certainly many things would change. Such a big change in the royal family could even affect our lives!