Raquel Welch was one of the most beautiful women in the 60’s.

She was born in 1940. Her father was a Bolivian-born engineer and her mother of English descent.

When she was a child, Raquel took ballet lessons, but her coach told her she didn’t have what it took to be successful as a ballerina.

Maybe her coach was right and his words helped her win a lot of beauty contests. She has told several times that she does not want an ordinary life, but a life like in fairy tales with princesses.

At the age of 18, Raquel married and had two children, but in 1961 she divorced her husband and moved to Texas with her children.

She realized that in Texas she could not fulfill her dream of becoming a world-famous star, so in 1963 she decided to move to Hollywood, where she met her future husband, press officer Patrick Curtis. He became not only her husband, but also her manager.

He took Raquel on a tour of Europe to introduce her to several influential people. Raquel became more and more famous without starring in a movie, but her husband eventually managed to get her some roles.

During the ’70s, Welch appeared in several movies and she also got her own television program called Raquel!, featuring song and dance numbers and guest appearances by Bob Hope, John Wayne, and Tom Jones.

Also, Raquel didn’t stop here. She published a book, several yoga videos and launched a wig business. In 2013, the Hottest Women of All Time appeared on the list.

Raquel has been married four times and has 2 children from her first marriage. Raquel said that unfortunately none of her relationships lasted too long, but she was in love every time and was convinced that the relationship would last forever.

Today, Raquel Welch is still a real source of inspiration for Hollywood stars.

A few years ago, Kim Kardashian chose to be inspired by Raquel’s looks for a photo shoot, because she was sure that in this way the photo shoot will be a real success.

Also, the international model Emily Ratajowski is inspired by Raquel and during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live !. she talked about the cavewoman look that Raquel had many years ago.

In September 2020, Raquel Welch turned 80, but she still looks very good, which is why she remains a true role model for the other stars.