Chrissy Corbitt knows what it means to give birth to a very large baby. Chrissy had 3 children, each weighing between 9 and 10 pounds, so when she found out she was pregnant for the fourth time she expected her baby to weigh the same. She had no idea what was going to happen to her. Her baby bump was very big and everyone was looking at her as she left the house.

One of the reasons her bump was so big was that she suffered from diabetes in previous pregnancies. If blood sugar spikes during the last three months of pregnancy it can cause the fetus to grow rapidly, and this can cause complications during birth. Doctors estimated that Chrissy’s daughter would weigh about 10 lbs. Chrissy gave birth a week earlier via C-section. She named her little girl Carleigh.

During the surgery, Chrissy heard various comments such as ‘I don’t think this baby is going to end’, but she did not understand what it was about, until the nurse told her the weight of the baby. The girl was born at a weight of 13 lbs.

The baby was so big when she got home that Chrissy and Larry donated all the clothes and diapers they had bought for the newborn. Their daughter needed clothes for children aged 9-10 months. However, Carleigh is a healthy and happy baby.

Chrissy said that her daughter is adorable and is like a “big squishy baby”. The most important thing is that the baby is healthy because the weight can be adjusted over time and can have a very beautiful life.

A fun fact is that the largest baby ever born weighed 23 lbs and was born in 1879.

I am very happy that Chrissy gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby, despite her little girl’s size!

Do you know a baby who was born at such a weight?