A lot of people still remember Ashley Dunn Bratcher since she appeared on “My 600-lb Life.”

Ashley was over 725 lbs when the show started. The doctors told her that her life was in danger due to the extra kilograms. This news was shocking to Ashley and she began to think better about what she needed to do to become as healthy as possible.

Her weight made Ashley stay in bed longer and she always had bone pain. The only thing she could do was take a shower.

Ashley said it was impossible for her to do the daily chores that anyone else does. She was married to her high school boyfriend and they had a son together. When she was 6, Ashley was abandoned by her mother and began to console herself by eating.

Ashley failed to overcome these health problems, but at one point she decided to change this so that she could be with her son for as long as possible.


Dr. Nowzaradan specializes in obesity and he came to Ashley’s aid. Initially Ashley had to lose 123 lbs, and then the doctor decided she could go through with gastric bypass surgery. She managed to lose up to 255 lbs.

In 2018 Ashley appeared in a special episode “Where Are They Now”. She said she managed to lose a total of over 300 lbs and she had undergone surgery to remove excess skin. She finally managed to control what she eats.

Ashley also said that she has learned to control herself and when she feels tired, happy or angry, she no longer eats, but goes for a walk.

Ashley has a Facebook page where she posts what is still going on in her life, such as her and her husband’s 12th anniversary. The two are together from high school.

Jake, her husband, has always supported her and loved her no matter the situation, and this has helped Ashley a lot knowing that there is a person she can always count on and be with. She also realized that she needed to change her lifestyle to be healthy and to be with her husband and son.

We hope that Ashley will continue to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

We also hope that Ashley’s story will inspire people living in similar situations. Everyone needs to understand that life is beautiful and you have to fight to be healthy and happy.