At 45 years old, Veronica Merritt, a single mother from New York, is bravely sharing her financial struggles in providing for her large family of 12. Despite facing judgment and criticism, Veronica remains dedicated to her children and determined to make ends meet.

Veronica candidly reveals that the rising cost of living has led her to rely on food stamps to feed her family. With a food bill reaching a staggering $24,000 per year, Veronica has resorted to affordable staple foods like macaroni, hot dogs, and ramen noodles. Despite the financial scrutiny she faces, Veronica firmly believes that her children are her greatest blessing.

As a content creator on TikTok, Veronica utilizes her platform to shed light on the difficulties she encounters as a single mother of 12. Although her family receives $1,400 in food stamps each month, this falls short of covering their food expenses. Previously, Veronica managed to provide for her family on just $500 a month. However, due to the current circumstances, she estimates needing $2,000 to $3,000 monthly to provide basic meals.

The financial strain goes beyond grocery costs for Veronica and her family. Inflation has significantly impacted household budgets, with the average American household spending $1,080 per month on groceries alone. In addition to regular expenses, Veronica incurs costs for celebrations like Christmas and birthdays, school supplies, and housing, resulting in an annual expenditure of $58,000.

Despite these challenges, Veronica remains resilient and resourceful. She is determined to support her family through her work on TikTok and by selling her paintings. While her income from TikTok fluctuates, Veronica remains hopeful and proactive in finding ways to increase her earnings to meet her family’s needs.

Veronica’s journey into motherhood began at a young age when she had her first child at 14. Over the years, she welcomed 11 more children, each bringing her joy and fulfillment. Although being a single mom of 12 comes with difficulties, Veronica treasures the strong bond she shares with each of her children and treats them all equally.

Despite the judgment and criticism she faces, Veronica’s love for her children remains unwavering. She is committed to providing them with a loving and nurturing home. Veronica acknowledges the challenges of raising a large family on a limited income, but she remains optimistic about the future and grateful for the blessings she has in her children.