Cooking with eggs is a common practice in many kitchens. Whether you’re baking a cake or making scrambled eggs, it’s essential to select eggs that come from healthy chickens. By following a few simple guidelines, you can determine the quality of an egg before using it in your recipes.

The Color of the Yolk

Most eggs have a yellow yolk, which is often associated with a healthy egg. However, the color of the yolk can vary depending on the chicken’s diet.

Free Range vs Store-Bought

There are two main types of chickens: free-range and those raised for commercial purposes. Eggs from store-bought chickens typically have yellow yolks. While this is generally considered a good color, there is an even more desirable indicator of a healthy egg.

The Bright Orange Yolk

A bright orange yolk is a fantastic sign that the chicken has been given a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. This vibrant color indicates that the chicken has had a healthier life, resulting in a better quality egg. So, when it comes to yolks, remember that orange is the new yellow!

Watch Out for Dark Yolks

If you come across a yolk that is dark in color, it may suggest that the chicken is lacking certain nutrients in its diet. While eggs with dark yolks are not necessarily unsafe to consume, it is generally best to choose eggs with brighter yolks to ensure you’re getting the most nutrients.

By paying attention to the color of the yolk, you can make better choices when selecting eggs for your recipes. So, the next time you crack an egg, remember that a bright orange yolk means a healthier chicken and a better-tasting dish!

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