Most of the time we are used to see a certain type of couple in Hollywood. Most couples are famous actors, who have the same lifestyle and a similar physical appearance. Also, it is the celebrity couples who always post everything they do and do not avoid showing that they are in love and last but not least are the couples in which one of the partners is much older than the other.

We see this couple as a standard of normalcy and we find it somewhat strange when we see a type of couple that is more like the people in our lives. For example, we are not used to see a couple in which one partner is in a different physical condition from the other.

Pierce Brosnan is in such a relationship. He has been married to Keely for over 20 years and they are very happy together, but unfortunately she has become the source of many gossips lately, and the reason behind is ridiculous.

However, he always remained a loving and devoted husband and always defended his marriage, as he should. Also, he was never ashamed to display his relationship in front of others because all that matters is to feel good in his marriage.

Pierce Brosnan met Keely Shaye Smith in 1994, after his first wife died of ovarian cancer on December 28, 1991. Then Pierce was left a widower with 3 children and and he did not know what to do and what decisions to make in life to go on and be a good father to his children, so that they would not miss their mother. He and Keely met at the right time, and she was ready to take on the role of parent for Pierce’s children.

Pierce Brosnan said he does not want to change anything about his wife’s physical appearance because he loves the way she looks and is also grateful that her body gave birth to their two children.

They married in 2001 and have two children together, Dylan and Paris. They recently celebrated 20 years of marriage, and Pierce said the following message: “Happy birthday my dear Keely, my love forever increases with you”.

It can be seen that the two are happy together, so it is difficult to understand why the public and the publications have something bad to say about their relationship and especially about Keely’s appearance.

It seems that her weight has been a hotly debated topic lately, and the audience is shocked by the way she looks. Apparently the public doesn’t understand why Pierce would marry her when he could have married another woman who looks better than her.

People need to understand that not everyone can look flawless, like in a magazines, especially since most of the pictures we see on social media are overly modified. Pierce has stated and demonstrated countless times that what matters to him is who his wife is and how she makes him feel with her, not her physical appearance.

Love is much more complex than a few extra pounds. Also, most of the time, people who comment on other people’s physical appearance are not in the best shape and feel frustrated by their weight, so they try to make others feel the same way.

Pierce revealed that there were friends and even family members who suggested a surgery to help his wife lose weight, but he never agreed because he doesn’t see a problem in the way she looks. He said he always loved and appreciated her and never paid attention to the changes in her body over the years.

Pierce shouldn’t even answer this gossip, but he probably chooses to do so because his wife is somehow affected by what is being written all over the world. Apparently in Hollywood, it is more normal for a man to be with a woman 30 years younger than to show his love and devotion to his wife over the years.

Keely helped Pierce get through the hard times, accepted and loved his children as her own children, and also gave her the chance to have a family and a stable home to return home with her loved ones in the evening. The two have a stable relationship and it seems that nothing will make Pierce change his feelings.

We humans are not made to feel good about a person just for the physical aspect because it is not the physical that makes us happy. It matters that the person next to us appreciates us, offers us, love, understands us, and offers us stability. When we get home with our wife/husband, we must feel that we have arrived in a conformable environment where we can be exactly as we are, without anyone judging us and without any discussions.

People should already understand these things, especially since every person lives these things in his / her life.

Pierce shows us that we must not be influenced by those around us if we want to be truly happy with the person who makes us feel best. We must also keep in mind that each of us can go through changes in physical appearance over the years and we certainly do not want to be gossiped about and abandoned because of this.
Beyond the gossip about this marriage, we should observe and learn what it means to be in a healthy relationship that gives you everything you need.