In November 2022, a Reddit user shared a troubling story on the “Off My Chest” forum. The anonymous poster had been in a six-year relationship with her fiancé, Ryan, and they had been engaged for eight months. Little did she know that her wedding plans would unravel in a way she never expected.

As the wedding planning progressed, Ryan suggested something that puzzled the poster. He mentioned that she should not wear a white dress on their special day. At first, she brushed it off, thinking it was related to Ryan’s artistic nature. But little did she know, this harmless suggestion was just the beginning of a shocking revelation.

Two weeks before the big day, the woman finally bought her white wedding dress. Excitement filled her as she imagined herself walking down the aisle in it. But when she shared her purchase with Ryan, things took an unexpected turn. He became visibly irritated and insisted on seeing the dress. However, she wanted to maintain the surprise, which only seemed to make Ryan more agitated.

Finally, when she revealed that her dress was indeed white, Ryan’s explosive reaction left her stunned. He expressed a strong preference for a red dress. According to him, brides should only wear white if they were deemed “pure.” This shocking revelation left the woman questioning their future together.

To try and change her mind, Ryan sought support from his mother. But even she agreed with the woman, causing further tension. The arguments about the symbolism tied to the wedding dress intensified. The confrontation even led Ryan’s mother to suggest that he should wear red if he was no longer a virgin. Emotions ran high, with Ryan ending up in tears, but he remained firm in his belief that wearing white would deceive their wedding guests.

The entire ordeal shattered the woman’s faith in her relationship with Ryan. She was disgusted by his actions and seriously reconsidered their future together. What troubled her even more was Ryan’s fixation on her past, particularly her loss of virginity before they had even met. This revelation weighed heavily on her, and she sought understanding from anyone willing to listen.

In a later update, the woman found herself facing her first date in six years after ending her engagement. Uncertain about what attire would be appropriate, she turned to the Reddit community for advice. Interestingly, many commenters suggested that she wear red, showing their support for her decision to move on.

Now, the question arises: Do you agree with the woman’s decision to end the engagement? It’s certainly a difficult choice to make, but in the end, everyone deserves someone who respects and accepts them for who they are. Keeping that in mind, the woman’s decision to leave Ryan seems justified.