The marriage between Tom Selleck and Jillie is strong after 33 years

Tom Sellek is a well-known actor due to the role of Thomas Magnum’s detective in Magnum P.I. This series caught the audience’s attention from 1980 to 1988. This role also helped Tom win an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe.

Before becoming a famous actor in Hollywood, Tom Selleck worked as a model, and from 1967 to 1973 he joined the California National Guard.

Tom was a very handsome man, and millions of women around the world were enchanted by him. Also, many men were trying to have a mustache like Tom’s. After the series ended, Tom reappeared in the public eye, receiving a role in the legendary series “Friends”. Tom was given the role of Monica Geller’s boyfriend. However, in addition to these roles he has starred in several films and series, such as Blue Bloods, Three Men and a Baby.

In 1987, Tom married Jacqueline Ray, but unfortunately their marriage ended in 1982. However, life was on Tom’s side, and in 1987 he married Jillie Joan Mack, the love of his life.

Tom first saw his future wife in Cats, where she played Rumpleteazer. Tom was 38 at the time and was charmed by Jillie, which is why he came to see the show several times so he could see Jillie. It only took one dinner together for the two to realize they were made for each other. After 33 years together, they are as in love as at the beginning.

In 1988, their daughter, Hannah, was born. Tom and Jillie decided that their family should try to have a normal life together, away from the spotlight. Hannah grew up at the family ranch in California. Even today the family lives on that farm. Hannah is passionate about horses, and Tom shares the same passion, which is why the two have a stable horse together.

Hannah said that her father encouraged her a lot in this direction. She and Tom want to show that it is possible to produce horses in the States.

Tom is 75 years old and spends his time with his family trying to have as many beautiful moments together. He and his wife believe that the secret of a long and happy marriage is for each of them to make time for their family, in addition to work, and to consult before making any decision. Tom also said that he makes time for himself and likes to work in the garden, so he manages to relax.

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