Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss didn’t have any alcohol, narcotics, or other chemicals in his system when he passed away, according to an autopsy report that was made public on May 24.

The investigation also affirms that his death was not caused by “additional wounds, substances, or other factors.” as reported.

The results of Boss’ autopsy verified what many people already knew: he died from a gunshot wound to the head, and it has been determined that he committed suicide. Only a few months had passed since his 40th birthday, and just a few days had passed since he and his wife, Allison Holker Boss, had celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

In the report, Allison stated that her husband “does not have a history of suicide attempts or suicidal ideation,” adding that he “does not have any mental health problems” and “does not have any financial issues or marital problems.”

Allison also stated that he “does not have any financial issues or marital problems. Prior to his passing, Stephen seemed to be himself.

Stephen ‘tWitch’ and Allison Holker Boss Boss began dating in 2010 and got engaged in June 2013 before getting married in December of the same year. Stephen adopted Allison’s daughter from a previous relationship after they got married, and they later had two more children together: a son in 2016 and a daughter in 2019.

A timeline of the incidents leading up to Boss’ passing on December 13, 2022, was disclosed through an investigation into his death. In order to ensure that no one could reach him, he reportedly took an Uber to the motel, which was less than one mile away from his home.

His wife became concerned the following morning when she learned he had left the house without taking their automobile, which was unusual for him. She called the police to report him missing, but paramedics didn’t get a call for a medical emergency until 11:15 a.m. on Dec. 13 at the Oak Tree Inn, which is close to his house.

His body was discovered by the housekeeping crew when he didn’t check out on time. Later, employees at the motel confirmed that Stephen had checked in the previous day with an overnight bag and noted that he had not displayed any signs of “distress” or been “overly upset.” That evening, nobody in the vicinity heard a gunshot.

Abby Holker Boss withdrew from public view for almost five months after the passing of her husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, but she recently broke her quiet in interviews as she struggles to adjust to life without the “backbone” of their five children.

She said that she is still shocked by his passing even after five months and said that nobody anticipated this. She admits that even while she still finds it difficult to fully come to terms with his departure, she tries her best to maintain her composure out of love and concern for their three children, who are also suffering and in need of special care.

She discussed some of the difficult discussions she had to have with her kids, who occasionally worry if and when their father will return. Although her husband is no longer physically present, she acknowledges that she still speaks to him frequently, as if he were present and attentive the entire time.

“No one had any idea how depressed he was. He wanted no one to know. He merely desired to serve as everyone’s Superman and guardian,” according to Allison, 35. He deserved to be remembered as the lovely man he was because he “brought so much joy to this world.”