Terrible HGTV Star News

Ty Pennington, a TV celebrity and home improvement guru, has had a busy week. The first time he was seen was at the premiere of the movie “Barbie” while he was walking the red carpet. Then, he was admitted to the hospital two days later. All of this taught him to pay attention to strange symptoms, especially those that don’t go away.

Pennington took to Instagram to describe his sudden health crisis and current state of health. He admitted that he had a sore throat for approximately a month, but he didn’t seem to take it seriously and didn’t take any action. Seconds later, two days after the “Barbie” movie premiere, he “woke up at 4am and could barely breathe.”

Pennington discovered what was causing his sore throat at the hospital. “It turns out that the painful throat I’ve had for the past month had an abscess that had gotten so big that it was blocking my airway,” the man said.

An abscess can develop practically anywhere on the body, is filled with pus, and hurts to the touch. An abscess can be treated by being drained, which they occasionally do on their own, but other times, like in Pennington’s case, a medical practitioner needs to empty the abscess.

“I was intubated and flown to the ICU in Denver,” Pennington remarked. “I had surgery on Wednesday, and I was taken out of the intensive care unit yesterday afternoon.”

Pennington provided numerous images to show him at the “Barbie” premiere, in the hospital, and evidently feeling much better in addition to the lengthy explanation of his recent health concern. In addition, Pennington thanked the medical professionals that assisted him and advised his followers to “LISTEN to your body when it’s telling you something.”

Many of Pennington’s supporters took to the comments to wish him a speedy recovery and express their worry that he allegedly neglected a sore throat for a month. “Hopefully you’ve just prevented this for many others who will now know to ask their doctors to check,” reads one of the comments. I’m overjoyed to see you back on television/HGTV. Heal quickly and completely!”

The majority of people know Pennington as the host of popular home improvement programs including “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Trading Spaces,” and “Battle on the Beach.” In his most recent television production, “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge,” a Californian home is made to resemble the Barbie Dreamhouse.

Pennington resides in Florida when he isn’t remodeling other houses or working on a television show. See the house he calls home and learn how to renovate it by watching the video below.


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