Teen Revived After Dying And Seeing Jesus Fight Satan For Her Life At Gates Of Heaven

Before coming back to life, Steffani Besch spent 30 minutes unconscious at the bottom of the pool and saw Jesus and Satan fighting over her life.

It is always difficult for children to let go of their friends and move to a different place. This was the case for Steffani Besch, a thirteen-year-old whose father had accepted a new job, and she was moving in two weeks.

Steffani’s friends threw her a going away pool party. As it was summer there were way too many people in the pool and the water was cloudier due to chlorine. During her going away party, Steffani and her friend Tami were playfully pushed into the deeper end of the pool by a boy. Tami who came out of the water immediately assumed Steffani was swimming to the other end of the pool and waited for her there.

After a while, since Steffani didn’t show up anywhere, Tami was worried and informed the lifeguard who dismissed her worries saying it was crowded and she must be around somewhere. No one realized that Steffani had hit her head when she was pushed and was now in the bottom of the pool for almost half an hour.

Tami and her friends looked for Steffani and found her at the bottom of the pool. Her only hope was that Jesus rises her from the dead. As her father had felt a nudge from the holy spirit, he had offered prayers for protection that morning, and he was sure Jesus would bring Steffani back to life, and he did.

Later, Steffani confessed that she saw Jesus and Satan fight for her at the gates of Heaven, but God made the ultimate decision and saved her, as it wasn’t her time to go.


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