I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of Princess Diana and doesn’t have an opinion about her tragic death. She is still loved by people all over the world because she was a caring, funny person and a wonderful mother to her children. Sounds like a real role model, doesn’t she?

Unfortunately, she was involved in a fatal car accident while visiting Paris. Princess Diana’s death was a shock to everyone. Many people could not believe that this really happened.

Following this accident, a question remained in everyone’s mind: what really happened that night? Also, after the accident, a lot of theories appeared and everything was uncertain.

If for those who did not know Princess Diana her death was shocking and terrible news, we can only imagine what her family felt. The biggest shock was certainly for William and Harry to find out that their mother is no more, especially since years of speculation about the accident followed and even their father was accused by some people of arranging this accident to happen.

Princess Diana is probably the most mourned person in the world. There is still talk about her life and death, and people are still interested in learning new and unknown details until now. There are people who believe that the truth about the accident has not been found yet and are waiting for new details to be revealed.


One year after Princess Diana’s death, the divorce between her and Prince Charles was completed. There are many claims that she was afraid of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles because she thought they wanted to take her away from the lives of her two boys.

Surgeon MonSef Dahman was the doctor who was in the hospital the night of the accident and he tried to save Princess Diana.

Surgeon MonSef Dahman was the one who had to try to save Princess Diana’s life. That surgery was certainly one of the worst surgeries of his life.

MonSef Dahman was not supposed to work the night of the accident, but his wife was pregnant with their second child and they had to stay in Paris until she gave birth, so he decided to go to the hospital. Because he was young at the time, his career had just begun, so he tried to spend as much time in the hospital as possible in order to gain experience and meet new and interesting cases that would help him gain more and more knowledge.

He said that the day of the accident was quite easy and he did not have any difficult cases, but at 2 a.m. in the morning everything would change.

The crash occurred in a Parisian tunnel at approximately 12:23 p.m.

Princess Diana received medical help at the scene of the accident, but she suffered a cardiac arrest while in the ambulance. After the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Dahman was called by the hospital’s anesthetist to come immediately to the emergency room. Dahman did not know that it was Princess Diana, all he knew was that an accident had taken place in which a young woman was involved.

Only when he arrived in the surgery room did he find out who the woman was. At that moment, Dahman felt a lot of pressure. For sure it is a big pressure to perform a surgery to have Princess Diana’s life.

Immediately after she arrived at the hospital, the doctors decided that an X-ray should be done immediately to decide what should happen next and how the doctors should act. Following the X-ray, the doctors revealed that Princess Diana had suffered serious internal injuries, which is why it was necessary to receive a blood transfusion immediately.

Certainly every doctor tries to save every patient he has, but the pressure to try to save the life of Princess Diana is very high, especially because everything will be highly publicized and there will be people who will blame even the doctors for the tragic death.

Just 15 minutes after arriving, Diana suffered another cardiac arrest. Dahman performed a surgical procedure, but it appears that her wounds were incompatible with life.

Dahman said the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital where Princess Diana was brought was one of the best hospitals for such cases. Also, at first the doctors had high hopes that they could save Diana, but her heart did not react properly, although the doctors fought hard and hard to stabilize her.

Dahman remembers how he and his team of doctors tried every method to save Princess Diana’s life, but her heart simply refused to beat again. They tried cardiac massage, electric shocks and adrenaline.

The doctors were so upset that they failed to save her, and Dahman said in an interview that he thinks about that night quite often, but he is convinced that they did everything they could to try to save her life.

Dahman has all the books about the life and death of Princess Diana because these books were sent to him by various publications. He didn’t necessarily want to own all these books because they reminded him of one of the hardest surgeries he had to do.

Will there be new details about the accident in the coming years that might surprise us again?




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