Starving Dog Thrown From Car Like Trash, Wags Her Tail Every Time She Meets Her Rescuer

Violet is a dog that weighed less than one-third of the suitable weight for her age. Violet, an English Mastiff, was thrown out of a moving car just like what some people do with trash.

She was so lucky to stay alive. Many creatures might not have survived if they face what happened to the poor dog.

She was found in Clinton, Maryland. She was really lucky a Good Samaritan were diving in a car behind, and saw her case and came to save her. They directly took her to the Prince George’s County Animal Control, where she was rescued from her fate.

Debbie Gretz, a volunteer, took her care as she had had a good record with starved animals. When Debbie took Violet, her weight was just 60 lbs, and she needed to be at least 80-90lbs to be healthy. So, violet was taken small meals several times in one day.

Debbie said that Violet is so friendly and sweet. Fortunately, Violet now weighs about 138lbs, and that is perfect for her.

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