Spanish cyclists stop to help trapped deer stuck in flooded ruins

You always like to think you would do something to help an animal in a tricky situation, but it can be scary. Deer are notorious for being skittish, and could easily accidentally hit you with their huge antlers. However, this group of cyclists near Huescar, Spain, knew they had to help a deer trapped in flooded ruins.After having cycled through the torrential rain, the group of intrepid cyclists noticed a panicked deer who was trapped in a ruined building. The sides were steep and slippery, the water level was rising, and he was tiring.

cyclists save deer

The group was worried that the deer would get too tired to stand up any more. Other worries included the water levels rising and it being unable to swim, or being too panicked to escape. Luckily, the cyclists were on hand to help, even at their own risk.

So, they gathered on the bank to give him a hand. As he clambered up the side of the building, four cyclists grabbed his antlers. They were slipping in the mud and struggling but managed to pull the frightened deer free.

cyclists save deer

The Kindness Of Cyclists

The deer didn’t look too grateful, though, as it scarpered without even saying thanks! Being serious, the deer was probably very spooked, as they are usually very nervous around people. We’re just glad it got out safely, and none of the rescuers was hurt while helping.

The identity of the cyclists is unknown at the present time, but we would like to thank them for their caring actions. Being kind to animals is always a good indicator of whether someone is a kind person, so this group is almost definitely lovely!

cyclists save deer

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