Maybe you saw the picture above, that of a woman falling in a supermarket. The raw picture has since gone viral, becoming a popular meme, after the text has been added.

Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson acknowledged that she is the woman in the picture, here’s what she had to say about what she calls “Her 15 Minutes of FAME”:

“These are my 15 minutes of fame. You’ve probably seen the picture. The worst thing about it is that she makes people think that a fat woman falls out of a stroller because she is too lazy to get out of the stroller to get the juice she wants to buy.

I have a very serious disease of the spine, one of the bones of the spine, a vertebra, has moved. The most common symptoms of the disease are those related to weakness of the body and legs.

Also, because of this, I am obese and suffer from chronic depression. I struggle with my illness every day, I joined a gym, but my weight is still a struggle.

The picture was taken in 2012 when my legs hurt a lot, so I used a stroller. I wanted to buy juice for my husband, he drank something like that in huge quantities.

I leaned over to pick it up, but the stroller slipped. I didn’t think about the incident because I got used to people making malicious comments about me.

Even if you can’t see my disabilities, they are real and they are there. So the next time you see pictures of people making fun of you, remember that you know nothing about those people or the issues they have to face every day. Laughing at someone is NEVER harmless.

I do not ask anyone to accept obesity, this is a problem that triggers many other diseases. At the same time, I do not ask anyone to feel sorry for me or to feel sorry for me.

What I want is compassion, understanding, and respect for another human being. I am a person – please treat me as such! ”

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