Signs That Could Mean You Have A Guardian Angel With You

Guardian angels are God’s gift to us! They may not visible or contact us directly, but they do reveal themselves to us through subtle signs. It may be a debated issue as to whether they actually exist or not, but we have reason to believe they exist! Here are 7 signs that you can watch out for if you think a guardian angel is trying to speak to you:

1. Fragrance: Have there been times when you were attracted by a sweet scent, but couldn’t figure out where it came from? It is believed that fragrances like these indicate the presence of a guardian angel. The next time you feel this sensation, you can feel safe in the knowledge that someone’s out there protecting you.

2. Angel-shaped clouds: There are times when you look up at the sky and find a random cloud shaped like an angel. Some may call it coincidence, but it is believed that this could be a sign that your guardian angel is nearby.

3. Feather in your path: If you come across a feather in your path while you are walking, it is considered to be one of the strongest indicators that an angel’s presence is around you.

4. Babies and pets: Babies and pets are pure souls and innocent by nature. It is believed that they are very perceptive to an angel’s presence. So, when you observe a baby looking up at the ceiling and smiling or your pet concentrating somewhere where nothing exists, it may mean that you are in the presence of a guardian angel.

5. Coins: Have there been times in life when you’ve found coins in odd places or somewhere you didn’t expect they would be? This sign shows your angel’s strong support for you and is one of the ways in which they interact with us.

6. Music: Just like with fragrances, music can be a sign your angel is with you. There may be times when you’ll find soothing calm music ringing in your ears or erupting from within you. You may not be able to explain where the tune is coming from or why you are hearing it, but it indicates an angel’s presence.

7. Sparkling lights: Have you ever noticed strange sparkling lights appearing for a brief moment and then disappearing? There are times when people have seen flashes of color just for a moment before they go away. This indicates that an angel is near, try staying calm in the knowledge of its presence!

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