Annie Windley has managed to win the battle against anorexia and is now telling her story in hopes of helping others.

She weighs 30 kg and is at risk of having a heart attack at any time. She struggled with anorexia for more than 5 years in which she constantly went to different doctors and received treatment.

Annie wanted to become stronger and healthier, so she began to see rehabilitation as a wonderful process in her life that would only benefit her.

Annie said that it is never too late to make the right decision and choose to go the right way, especially if you realize that your life is in danger. We are the only ones who can help us, because if we do not want to change something and be helped, then no one around us can help us.

In 2012 Annie was diagnosed with an eating disorder, but her recovery did not begin immediately, but after 2 years. She went through a lot of trying, but things didn’t seem to be going well. However, in October 2017, she began to really fight for her life.

Annie said that her struggle was a very hard one and full of emotions because of the process she was going through.

She also said that she came to realize that it doesn’t matter how many pounds you have, it matters how you can deal with people around you and how you make others feel when they spend time with you because no one will spend time. with you no matter what weight you have if you make them feel bad.

Annie began to be a much more attentive person to those around her, she tried to be a better daughter, a better friend, a better person.

Running also helped her stay on track and even ran the Chesterfield’s annual half marathon. Annie runs every morning and feels much better. It also looks much healthier.

Annie believes that each of us should see exercise and training as a celebration of what our body is capable of, not as a punishment for what we have eaten.

Currently, she is trying to eat healthy and no longer counts the calories in food.


Annie encourages everyone to fight their own problems because we deserve to fight for a better life. We must be aware that we are capable of doing everything we set out to do if we really want to. We must face problems in order not to live a life full of regrets and unhappiness.

Change comes from us, not from someone else, and although it is a difficult and challenging road, the results are worth the effort.