After playing Vicky in the comedy “American Pie,” Reid was seen as a promising young actress of the 2000s.

The actress eventually gained more notoriety for the scandals she was associated with than for her work, and she acquired serious drug and alcohol problems.

When Tara was six years old, she started her career. By the time she was a teenager, she had already been in over 100 advertisements since her beauty could not be denied.

The blonde with the blue eyes and the angelic beauty was a force to be reckoned with at parties, attracting everyone’s attention. However, cosmetic procedures and heavy alcohol and drug use had left their mark on her looks.

It’s hard to view some of the swimwear photos that shocked the globe in 2015. When it was spotted on a Miami beach, it was only skin and bones. Her beautiful body had been seriously harmed by excessive and inappropriate cosmetic surgery. The pictures disturbed her followers, and some of them said she was anorexic.

On November 8, Tara Reid will turn 47 years old, yet she is still weak. The actress recently talked about cosmetic surgery and revealed that she regrets having had liposuction since it destroyed her stomach.

“I underwent liposuction even though I was slim because I wanted a square abdomen.” Even though I had a beautiful physical form, everything shattered here. My stomach sagged and wrinkled.

I can’t say I’ll never undergo cosmetic surgery again; I’ll have to wait and see whether my opinion changes as I get older. For the time being, I’m content with my physical appearance. “I went through a lot of physical and mental pain following liposuction,” Tara Reid stated.

On Valentine’s Day, she was seen by paparazzi as she was leaving Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles with her 10-year-younger sweetheart, Nathan Montpetit-Howar.

The actress, who appeared in over ten movies this year, including “Bleach,” “Baby Bulldog,” “Attraction to Paris,” “Mummy Dearest,” “The Wrong Cheerleader Coach,” “Attack of the Unknown,” and “5th Borough,” nevertheless focused on her work and kept a busy schedule.