A bargain-hunting granny was left red-faced after discovering her 50p Christmas cardigan included a pair of extremely unpleasant reindeer.

Carolyn Hallam, 53, didn’t notice the romping reindeer on the front when she bought the knitwear at a car boot sale.

She was astonished when she noticed the irritating detail when trying on her cardigan at home.

Abigail, 29, from Nottingham, shared a hilarious photo of her mother wearing her outrageous outfit on social media.

“We love discovering bargains at car boot sales, and mum was pleased to purchase a Christmas jumper for 50p last summer,” she explained.

“She picked it up and gave it a quick glance, noticed that it was a Christmas sweater, and thought it would be fine to wear to work.”

“She stuffed it inside her plastic bag and put it away till she got home.”

“When we get home, we always go through what we bought from the trunk and thoroughly scrutinize it. After holding it up, Mum felt she needed to take a closer look at the design.“

After trying it on, she excitedly said, “Do you like my Christmas cardigan?”

“At first, I didn’t see and said, ‘Oh sure, it’s great,’ but when she asked what I thought of the pattern, I burst out laughing!”

Fortunately, grandmother Carolyn, a primary school teacher, saw the issue before coming to work.

“Mum laughed out loud and thought it was hilarious when she discovered it was a naughty Christmas jumper,” Abigail continued.

“She was relieved to know what was on it before putting it on for school work!”

“She was much more pleased with her deal when we discovered it was disrespectful!”

Carolyn has a more respectable sweater for work, but she still wears the evil reindeer cardigan whenever she can.

The amusing photographs have received hundreds of likes since they were published on social media.

“It took me a minute,” remarked one man who couldn’t find the dirty reindeer scene.

“Oh my god, that’s hilarious,” a third person said.

“That is priceless!” “Thank you for the laugh!” exclaimed a third.