In response to a terrible video becoming viral, Robert Irwin, son of Steve Irwin, had his appearance “cancelled.”

The public is familiar with Robert Irwin as the late Steve Irwin’s son.

Along with his mother Terri and sister Bindi, Robert Irwin has put in a lot of effort over the past 10 years at the family’s Australia Zoo, pleasing fans of the Irwins from all around the world.

After his most recent near-death incident, his fans are appalled by his behavior.

The son of Australian zoologist Steve Irwin posted a disturbing promo for his family’s television show, It’s The Irwins, on Instagram.

The Animal Planet clip shows the 18-year-old feeding Casper the crocodile in its prison. Irwin “bails” when the beast continues to try to strike him despite this.

See how Steve Irwin’s descendants are preserving his legacy in the video below.

Steve Irwin’s son, Robert, has been canceled by the internet following the surfacing of a new clip that people are calling “deeply disturbing.”

After watching the video, one person remarked: “Just like his dad taunting and bothering animals for amusement!”

“Aren’t you just goading these animals into a certain entertainment-driven reaction?” asked another. “Your conservation work is phenomenal but the croc show is just a shill.”

A third said: “All this cancel culture going around let’s cancel this crap. Give the animals sanctuaries and protection. Get them out of zoo’s what is that kind of life?”

However, others claimed that they were a fan of the show and praised Irwin for his work.

One said: “Watched several episodes yesterday. I love the show. You all have done your father proud.

“While you’re your own person, you’re so much like him I just can’t get over it.”

Another enthused: “Robert is passionate about animals as his dad was here on God’s great Earth!”

In the caption of the controversial post, Irwin wrote: “We prioritize natural behavior with our crocs. By getting in their enclosures with them, and letting them put on those huge strikes from the water’s edge, they get to use all of their predatory instincts and they just love it!

However, our safety is also very important, therefore you must know when to call for help. And we were forced to leave since Casper was such a strong and swift croc.”

I personally feel closest to my father when I’m in there working with the creatures he loved. For me, it’s an adrenaline rush and an exciting thing to do.

“So many of our crocodiles are the originals, the ones we’ve worked with from day one,” Robert continued. It gives me great honor to carry on that legacy.

Yes, they are dangerous, but they are also incredible beings that deserve our respect.

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