Drena De Niro, Robert De Niro’s daughter, regrettably told the cause of her 19-year-old son Leo’s death. She disclosed in an Instagram post that Leo died as a result of the combined effects of several substances, including fentanyl, bromazolam, alprazolam, 7-aminoclonazepam, ketamine, and cocaine. The medical examiner determined that Leo’s death was unintentional.

Drena voiced her extreme sorrow, referring to Leo as her “beautiful sweet angel” and professing her undying love for him. She bemoaned the fact that she couldn’t live without him and decided to carry on his legacy by spreading the love and light he brought into her life. Drena also blasted individuals who supplied fentanyl-laced pills to her son, highlighting the hazards of such narcotics.

On July 2, Leo was discovered unresponsive at 55 Wall Street and was pronounced dead at the spot. He was an ambitious actor who aspired to be like his renowned grandfather, Robert De Niro.

The legendary actor issued a statement expressing his grief over Leo’s death and requesting time for his family to grieve.

This tragic news comes just months after Robert De Niro and martial arts instructor Tiffany Chen welcomed their first child in May 2023. De Niro addressed becoming a parent again at the age of 79, emphasizing his acceptance of the circumstance and noting that it “never gets easier.” He made the disclosure during an interview, which surprised many.

Robert De Niro has several children from different relationships. Drena, his eldest child, is now 51 years old. He also has children from his previous marriages to Diane Abbott and Grace Hightower, as well as from his previous relationship with Toukie Smith.

Leo’s premature death has left a pall over the De Niro family, who are mourning the loss of a young life while navigating the complex circumstances surrounding his demise.