It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the sudden passing of actor Gary Graham, best known for his unforgettable role in the TV series and movies “Alien Nation.” On Monday, January 22, 2024, Gary suffered cardiac arrest at a hospital in Spokane, Washington, as confirmed by his wife, Becky Graham.

Gary and Becky were married for 25 years, a testament to their enduring love and partnership. While this marked Gary’s fourth marriage, it was the one that brought him true happiness and fulfillment. The news of Gary’s demise touched the hearts of many, with his first wife, Susan Lavelle, honoring his memory on Facebook.

Susan lovingly described Gary as possessing a “funny, sarcastic sense of humor” but also being kind-hearted, passionate about his beliefs, a devout Christian, and incredibly proud of their daughter, Haylee.

As we mourn Gary’s loss, let us also remember Haylee, who now faces the difficult journey of healing and finding solace. Susan kindly requested prayers for her daughter’s path to recovery during this challenging time. Born in Long Beach, California, in 1950, Gary initially pursued a pre-medical course at the University of California before ultimately finding his true calling in the world of acting in Hollywood.

It was Gary’s pivotal role as detective Matthew Sikes in “Alien Nation” that catapulted him to widespread acclaim. Beyond the TV series, he reprised the beloved character in five thrilling TV movies, including “Alien Nation: Dark Horizon,” “Alien Nation: Body and Soul,” “Alien Nation: Millennium,” “Alien Nation: The Enemy Within,” and “Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy.”

In addition to Becky and Susan, Gary had been previously married to Caren Leslie Williams and Diane Patricia Vaughan. However, it was with Becky that he found a lasting and fulfilling partnership that stood the test of time. Today, as we say our goodbyes, we remember Gary’s legacy as a talented and versatile actor who brought joy and entertainment to audiences around the world.

Throughout his illustrious career, Gary worked on over 100 projects, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. As we reflect on his contributions, it is worth noting that three of his projects are currently in post-production, a testament to his enduring passion for his craft.

Gary Graham will always be remembered and cherished by his wife, daughter, two sisters, Colleen and Jeannine, and countless fans who have been touched by his talent and warm spirit.