Reasons to Keep Praying Even When You Want to Quit

Prayer is one of the most important disciplines in the Christian faith. It is our connection to the Creator of this world and the Savior of our souls. When a Christian makes it a habit to pray every day, he or she experiences the benefits of communing with God on such an intimate level. There are times however, that no matter how faithful you are to God and how strong your walk with the Lord is, prayer is simply difficult. So difficult in fact, you may want to just stop praying all together.

Maybe you’ve been praying for the same thing for years and you’ve grown tired, weary, and wonder if God even hears you anymore. Or cares.

Maybe you don’t want to get your hopes up by praying about a particular situation because you doubt it will really turn out as you desire.

Maybe you’re scared to pray because you fear God’s answer may not be what you are hoping for.

Maybe your prayer life has become monotonous and feels more like a chore than a blessing.

Despite its many benefits, prayer is a spiritual discipline that we sometimes just want to quit doing. If you’ve found yourself feeling this way I want to encourage you with 8 reasons why you should keep praying even when you want to quit.

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