Puppy with brain-damage, curled up to hide, couldn’t lift his head to thank rescuer

A cruel owner threw his young pup out onto the street after hitting him so bad. All he needed was just to be cared and loved.

After being overpassed by many people, he was seen by a woman and his son, who tried to pick him up after seeing a big trauma in his head, but the dog just wanted to hide from people!

The woman was finally able to take the dog with her, and he tried to make eye contact with her after a few hours, but he could not focus due to his injury.

He was taken to a vet, where he was treated for his injury! The pup even thanked the vet with kisses.

The young puppy started playing, drinking, and eating when he was back at his rescuer’s home. The great thing was that puppy made a great transformation in weeks, and he was finally able to make eye contact with the woman, who saved him, to thank her! What a transformation!

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