Over 29 million people stopped their day to watch this hippo’s giant fart

There are certain things that happen in life and we just can’t help but giggle at them. In fact, sometimes they may give us a good belly laugh! Of course, we all have different types of humor and it may be different, depending upon who we are and our experiences in life. Some people find it funny to watch slapstick comedy and others may like humor that is dry or perhaps that is told precisely. It makes us individuals and, more than likely, it causes us to be who we are to a certain extent.

Although we may have differences as far as our humor is concerned, there are going to be certain things that we will find funny, regardless of who we are. One of those things is when somebody breaks wind. Of course, there is a time and place for everything so we certainly would not want to do it in the wrong place. In fact, it may be annoying if somebody does it in an enclosed space. When it happens to somebody else and the timing is right, however, there is perhaps nothing that is funnier!

Perhaps that is why some 29 million people have stopped their day to watch this hilarious video. It’s all about flatulence, but perhaps not in the way that you have ever experienced it before. It is a hippopotamus, who comes up out of the water and decides that it is a good time to break wind. It isn’t just a mild passing of gas, however, it is an epic occurrence that leaves everyone standing around laughing out loud.

Animals live in a confined area when they are at the zoo. They may also have some boredom to a certain extent. Perhaps this was the hippopotamus’ way of combating that boredom and entertaining some of the people who were nearby. You never know!

This is more than a ‘farting hippo’, it is a viral Internet sensation. After the video was published, it went worldwide and spread to millions of people very quickly. In fact, the hippopotamus has even earned the name, ‘Harry the Farting Hippo’.

Watch this video and try not to laugh:


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