One fine afternoon, a man decided to come home early from work, hoping to surprise his beloved wife. Little did he know that he was in for a unexpected turn of events.

As he walked into their bedroom, he was startled to find his wife sprawled across the bed, breathing heavily. Concerned, he asked, “What are you doing, dear?”

Struggling to come up with an explanation, she stammered, “Err… I… um… I think I’m having a heart attack!” Fear and worry filled the room.

The worried husband exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! Let me call an ambulance right now!” He hurriedly dashed downstairs to grab the phone, his mind racing with concern.

Just as he started dialing 911, his young son Johnny appeared, tears streaming down his chubby cheeks. His father, alarmed by his son’s distress, asked, “What’s the matter, Johnny?”

With a quivering voice, Johnny replied, “Uncle James is in the closet with no clothes on, Daddy.” The unexpected statement took the father by surprise.

Seeing red, the man bolted back upstairs, his anger mounting with each step. He flung open the wardrobe doors, and sure enough, there stood his brother, Jim, completely naked – just as Johnny had said.

“You rascal, Jim!” the man shouted, a mix of frustration and worry. “My wife is over there thinking she’s having a heart attack, and here you are, running around naked and frightening Johnny!” The chaos and confusion in the room were now at its peak.