Even though we all remembered Sue Ellen from Dallas, very few of us could place her today. 81-year-old Linda Gray has experienced a lot in her life, particularly since the passing of her son.

All Romanians who grew up watching the well-liked series in the 1990s know that Linda Gray or Sue Ellen from Dallas is no more. The 81-year-old actress was captured on camera for the first time after her son’s passing.

There is no longer any trace of Sue Ellen! Linda Gray makes her first outing since her son passed away.

The most well-known role for actress, director, and former model Linda Gray is that of Sue Ellen Ewing, who is the spouse of JR Ewing played by Larry Hagman.

From 1978 until 1991, Linda Gray portrayed Sue Ellen in the iconic Dallas television series. He has acted in a number of popular movies. She reverted to Sue Ellen at each Dallas-related conference.

It’s the first time the Dallas actor has spoken publicly about her son’s death. Linda Gray was spotted shopping near her California home.

Linda has become virtually unrecognizable, dressed casually and far from the image of a diva that fans have grown to expect from her, even after Dallas. Linda Gray was discovered walking a cart with her glasses on and her visibly aged face. Years, as well as the pain inflicted by her son’s death, have left their imprint on the famous actress.

The well-known actress lives quietly in the Valencia suburbs of California, where she owns a farm.

Linda Gray went through one of the most difficult periods of a parent’s life a year ago. Jeff Thrasher, her son, died at the age of 56.

About Jeff Thrasher worked in the television industry as a director and producer. The Junior Chef Showdown was his most recent project. He’s also worked on shows including The Amazing Race Canada and Canada’s Smartest Person as a producer. He was a director for Furze World Wonders in 2017. He worked at Vegas Rat Rods in 2015.