Nicole Kidman is a famous actress and known all over the world, but she is also a good mother who tries to give her children security, which is why there are not many pictures with them. However, she recently decided to show her fans a picture of her daughter.

Faith is Nicole’s youngest daughter with Keith Urban, and on her birthday, Nicole decided to post a picture on social media.

Nicole has decided to respect her children’s privacy until they are able to decide for themselves whether or not they want to have a public life.

Nicole also has two adopted children with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Unfortunately, Nicole could not maintain a relationship with the two children adopted after the Tom Cruise divorce, although she would have wanted to, but the children seem to have decided to stay with Tom Cruise and have not kept in touch with Nicole

Nicole later remarried Keith Urban and the two have two daughters together, 9-year-old Faith Margaret and 11-year-old Sunday Rose. The two girls decided to pursue their mother’s career.


The girls appeared in Big Little Lies and got voice roles for The Angry Birds Movie 2. This makes Nicole happy and she feels closer to her daughters, especially now that she can help them with various tips for their future career. Surely the girls have something to learn from their mother!


However, although the girls have a penchant for acting and have stepped into the spotlight, Nicole and Keith have kept their decision to keep their daughters’ lives private until at least they grow up a little more. This is definitely a very good decision!

Nicole said she encouraged her girls to become actresses because she thought they had talent and could have a beautiful career, but if they changed their mind she would agree.

Nicole recently posted a picture with Sunday. Usually she does not post pictures with her children, but even when she posts, the picture remains quite discreet and does not show much.

This picture, Nicole decided to caption: “Sunday walk with Sunday #MotherDaughter #Happiness”.

It seems that Nicole really has a close relationship with her daughters, even if this is not seen on social media.

Nicole also posted a picture of Sunday’s birthday, but again she chose not to show her daughter’s face.

Nicole recently posted the first picture of Faith’s daughter since she was a baby and she was a very beautiful baby, right? People really appreciated this photo.


Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow also commented on the photo to wish Faith happy birthday.

Actresses are very good friends and encourage each other on social media when one of them posts. Reese and Nicole also had a recent project together, which definitely brought them even closer.



A lot of people have noticed that Faith looks like Nicole, and that can only mean that she will become a very beautiful woman!

We believe that Nicole and her husband have made a very good decision to respect their daughters’ privacy until they are old enough to decide whether or not they want to have a public and active life on social media.