Mother Dog Couldn’t Hold Her Joy When Got Reunited With Her Stolen Puppies

A call came to Love Furry Friends about a litter of pups dumped on the side of the street. The rescuers of the shelter could not take the pups right away as their shelter was overcrowded, so, the left some food for them planning to come back the next day.

Noticing that one pup was not eating forced them to take him directly to the vet to be treated. However, they also shared the story online, and a family called them saying that they recognized the pups.

Actually, the pups had been being taken care by the family, as they were born in their yard. Unfortunately, they were stolen from their mama by a disgruntled neighbor, which left her miserable! So, the rescuers asked the family to pick the pups up, and they surely agreed.

So, the pups finally reunited with their mama, and they will be under the care of the kind family! What a happy ending!

Watch the video below:

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