Rosalynn Carter, the wife of former president Jimmy Carter, has been by his side for many years. Although they are still together and happily married at their North Carolina home, things are not always happy in the Carter household.

Jimmy Carter is receiving hospice care at home, as the Carter family previously disclosed. This kind of at-home medical treatment is typically provided to terminally ill patients and is more concerned with maintaining the patient’s comfort than with curing them of a disease.

Now, the Carter family has received more depressing news. Rosalynn Carter’s personal diagnosis has been revealed by her family. The former first lady, 95, has been identified as having dementia.

Some find this odd given that she spent a significant portion of her life fighting for those who suffer from mental illness.

The Carter family remains optimistic in the wake of Rosalynn’s diagnosis, saying that she “continues to live happily at home with her husband, enjoying spring in Plains and visits with loved ones.”

The declaration clarifies Mrs. Carter’s personal perspective on life and “caregivers.” According to the statement, “Mrs. Carter often noted that there are only four types of people in the world: those who have provided care in the past, those who do so now, those who will provide care in the future, and those who will need to do so.” The closing line of the statement reads, “We do not expect to comment further and ask for understanding for our family and for everyone across the country serving in a caregiver role.”

Learn more about Rosalynn Carter’s condition and get an update on Jimmy Carter’s health by watching the video below.

For 77 years, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have been wed. Since they are still a happy couple, it is reasonable to assume that they will remain married till the end of their lives.