In Mexico, Julián Figueroa was a well-known singer and songwriter. He has released albums like “Julián Figueroa y su banda.” In addition, he was an actor well-known for the roles he played in telenovelas. He most recently appeared in the telenovela “Mi Camino es amarte.”

ANDI Mexico originally announced that Figueroa had passed away, the acting guild for Mexicans. He was only 27 years old.

The National Association of Performers informed via a tweet translated from Spanish to English: “The National Association of Performers communicates the death of member Julián Figueroa. ‘Julián Figueroa y su banda’ is one of the albums that the actor and singer has released. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.”

The cause of death was not mentioned in ANDI. However, the Mexican actress Maribel Guardia, Figueroa’s mother, announced her son’s passing the next day on Instagram.

Guardia’s post was translated from Spanish to English by Billboard. “It saddens me to announce the passing of my beloved son Julián Figueroa, who regrettably preceded us in parting from this level,” the translation of the sentence reads.

Guardia then went on to describe how her son died. Her son was in his room at home while she was at the movie. When they realized he was unconscious, they “called 911, and when the ambulance and police arrived, they found him already lifeless, with no traces of violence.”

Guardia gave the death’s cause. She cited the medical report, which said that “he died of an acute myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation.”

Joan Sebastian, Figueroa’s father, was a well-known singer in Mexico. 2015 saw his passing. Figueroa spoke about his father’s passing and how much he missed him in his final Instagram post, published the day before he passed away.

The piece was translated from Spanish to English by Billboard. “The fans cry LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE’S POET,” part of the translation says, “but I don’t give a damn, I only love my dad.”

Ime Garza, Figueroa’s wife, his six-year-old son José Julián, and four siblings, José Manuel, Juliana, Zarelea, Marcelina, and Joana, survive him.

Rest in peace.