All eyes were on the Prince and Princess of Wales as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during the unexpected walkabout the couple did at Windsor Castle. Many people were on the lookout for any evidence of persistent conflict between the brothers and their spouses.

However, given their shared sadness over the passing of the Queen, their combined appearance instead seemed to be as cooperative as it possible could have been.

This image has been confirmed by body language expert Judi James, that she witnessed a moment between Prince William and Meghan Markle in which a ‘truce’ was called.

There were “moments of communication between the four,” she reportedly told the newspapers, “and it was apparent that this was William’s choice and encouragement.”

“He was in charge of the choreography, and he was the one who extended his arm to Meghan and gestured for her to join the group so that she could be introduced to their host.”

James also highlighted “shared gestures of reassurance” between Harry and Meghan, who had returned to the UK for a number of engagements only to cancel them following Her Majesty’s death.

“When they were chatting to the crowds, Harry placed an arm over Meghan’s back and caressed it with his thumb, and Meghan returned the gesture,” she noted, adding that the couple “appeared a little cautious about the crowds.”

“As Harry heard the affection from the people, he became more comfortable and relaxed, and part of the old Harry reappeared, including smiles and more active speaking as he stretched into the masses to shake hands,”

When considering the events that led to this significant moment, James did not go so far as to assert that Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship is improving.

“Eye contact was minimal and chatting reserved to a very few words,” she said, adding that on a scale of bonding it was comparable to what we saw when the brothers unveiled a statue of their late mother Princess Diana in July 2021. “Eye contact was minimal and chatting reserved to a very few words,” she said.

The brothers rushed to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle, where their grandmother was living, as soon as they learned that she was ill, so they could be at her side on Thursday, September 8. (UK time).

Only King Charles and Princess Anne were able to attend Her Majesty’s funeral before she passed away. Age-wise, she was 96.

The family has since reunited for a period known as the Royal Dawn, which will run until September 19—one week after the funeral.

There are rumors that Harry and Meghan may bring their kids, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, from their home in California to Westminster Abbey so they can be with their parents throughout the service. It is expected that Harry and Meghan would stay in the UK throughout the service.