Man Sits In Cage With A Scared Puppy Mill Survivor Who Had Never Felt Human Touch

This story speaks about a poor chihuahua called Harleigh, who was being abused more than one time by a puppy mill. No one had ever showed any love to the dog, who had lived her entire life in a wire crate!

National Mill Dog Rescue rescued the adorable girl when she was over 3 years old. The dog cowered in a corner during the entire rescue whenever the rescuers tried to approach her. But their attempts finally help them to take her to their shelter, a safe place.

But she panicked when they arrived at the shelter because of the strange and bright atmosphere. The shelter decided to be easy with the dog to let her adapt to her new life as they knew that her traumatic scars run deep.

A volunteer of the shelter would visit Harleigh every day to break her fear. But the chihuahua would always go back and cower in a corner. One day, everything changed as she approached the volunteer by her own and let him hold her leaving the other volunteers in shock! But she was back to be scared after the man left that day!

Thankfully, she was completely transformed after months of efforts by the man. She also got adopted by a new family, that renamed her Mindy. The Merenda family says that Harleigh is an adorable dog who is confident. They also added that Mindy loves Missy, her chihuahua sister. What a happy ending!

Watch the video below:

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