Man puts his car up for sale in order to raise money to save his dog’s life

Randy Etter loves his dog Gemini. The two have been best friends ever since Randy adopted Gemini as a puppy.

For the past two years, the duo has become inseparable. They love spending every waking minute together.

One day, Randy received the shocking news that he could lose his beloved dog. He vowed to do everything in his power to keep Gemini alive.

A few weeks ago, Gemini was having fun with the daughter of Randy’s girlfriend. The baby would throw her bottle from the play area and watch in laughter as the dog chased it.

Each time, Randy would wash off the bottle and return it to the baby. Eventually, Gemini was able to get the bottle without Randy noticing.

By the time that Randy and his girlfriend realized that the baby’s bottle was missing, Gemini had already eaten the top.

Although the couple was angry at Gemini, they realized that dogs don’t know any better. Unfortunately, nobody realized that Gemini swallowed some of the plastic from the bottle.

Within a month following the incident, Gemini began to get very sick. Randy noticed that his beloved dog was moving slower and resting more than normal.

Although Gemini couldn’t speak, Randy knew that something was wrong.

One day, Gemini suffered from violent vomiting episodes. Randy rushed the dog to the local veterinarian who was unable to offer a diagnosis.

Without hesitation, Randy drove to the next animal hospital where he received the same news.

In fact, Randy drove to several different veterinarians who weren’t able to determine what was wrong with Gemini.

Randy ended up losing his job from spending so much time trying to save his dog’s life.

After days of constant effort, Randy found a vet who was able to provide a concrete diagnosis. Gemini was suffering from a blockage in his body.

The surgery required to fix the blockage would cost Randy $4,500.

Although Randy didn’t have enough money to pay for the operation right away, he was dedicated to saving Gemini’s life.

Randy placed some advertisements for his car. His goal was to make enough money from the sale to pay for Gemini’s surgery.

Eventually, one of his friends offered to loan him $2,500. Although this was a generous offer, it still wasn’t enough to cover the cost of the expensive surgery.

Randy was quickly losing hope until a local charity heard about his story.

The Street Outreach Animal Rescue Initiative learned about Gemini’s diagnosis and wanted to help.

The organization was able to raise around $3,000 from strangers around the country who wanted to keep Gemini from suffering a tragic death.

With these donations and the loan from his friend, Randy was able to pay for the surgery.


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