A routine trip to the supermarket turned into a terrifying experience for Neville Linton, a 63-year-old man from Stourbridge, England. Little did he know, a surprise awaited him when he discovered a snake hiding in a bag of broccoli he had purchased from Aldi.

Even though Neville had unknowingly stored the bag in his fridge, it wasn’t until days later when he went to prepare a meal that he came face to face with the unexpected guest. Overwhelmed by his fear of snakes, he immediately called his sister for help. Together, they safely stored the snake in a container before returning to the Aldi store to inform them about the incident.

The local zoo specialists later identified the snake as a young ladder snake. However, herpetologist Dr. Steven J R Allain disagrees with this identification. He believes the snake is actually a harmless viperine water snake, commonly found in southwestern Europe and northern Africa. Dr. Allain explained that it is not unusual for snakes from the Mediterranean region to end up in vegetables imported to the United Kingdom.

He suspects that the snake unintentionally got packed during the harvest process, as it likely roamed through the field where the broccoli was grown.

Although the snake had an uncomfortable journey from the field to Neville’s fridge, it poses no threat to humans. Dr. Allain emphasizes the importance of education and understanding snakes to overcome fear and avoid negative reactions in such situations. The snake has found a new home at Dudley Zoo, where it can help dispel fears and promote coexistence with snakes.

Neville, on the other hand, is seeking compensation for the distressing experience he and his family endured. With a disabled son and a vulnerable mother-in-law living under the same roof, Neville believes the compensation offered by Aldi is insufficient given the potential risks and emotional impact.

This incident has attracted local attention, prompting various public reactions. While Aldi has expressed their apologies and acknowledged that this incident doesn’t meet their usual high standards, they maintain that it was an isolated occurrence. Their supplier has never received a complaint of this nature before. Investigations are currently underway to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.