Deciding to remove a loved one from life support can be an incredibly challenging and heartbreaking decision, especially when the chances of recovery seem slim. This was the agonizing situation faced by Ryan Finley when his wife Jill fell into a coma.

One day, Ryan discovered Jill unconscious and unresponsive. In those critical moments before the paramedics arrived, he did everything in his power, performing CPR and desperately praying for her recovery.

Despite the bleak outlook, with Jill’s weak heart and shallow breathing, Ryan refused to give up hope. Thankfully, the paramedics arrived on time and managed to resuscitate her.

Jill was quickly taken to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, where she received treatment with a specialist cooling suit. The priority was to protect her brain from further damage due to lack of oxygen. Unfortunately, her condition left her in an unconscious state.

Even with the grim prognosis from the medical staff, Ryan clung to hope and turned to prayer. He continued praying every single day, even when he was told that a full recovery was unlikely.

However, as time went on, Ryan was faced with the heart-wrenching decision of whether to allow the doctors to withdraw Jill’s life support. In a diary entry, he expressed his anguish and the hardship of having to make this choice.

Finally, Ryan considered Jill’s desires and made the difficult decision to let her go, rather than prolonging her suffering.

As the family gathered to say their final goodbyes, the machines were turned off. The doctors warned them that Jill’s passing may not happen quickly due to the “final rally.” During this time, Jill started murmuring and expressed her wish to visit her favorite Mexican restaurants, Ted’s or Melting Pot, before asking her husband to take her away. Ryan was filled with sadness but remained hopeful that Jill would pull through.

And thankfully, his optimism paid off. Jill not only survived but also underwent heart surgery and a lengthy recovery that allowed her to breathe independently for the first time.

Despite her miraculous recovery, Jill had no memory of her coma period. She did, however, face challenges with her short-term memory and difficulty pronouncing certain words and phrases.

Jill’s remarkable recovery was possible because of cutting-edge medical technology and the unwavering support and hope of her family. Despite the adversity she faced, Jill’s inner strength gave her a second chance at life, leading her and her loved ones to cherish each day even more.

Even in the face of COVID-19, Jill’s prayers were answered as she progressively healed after spending an extended period on a ventilator. Though she tragically lost her husband and sister to the virus, this 65-year-old grandmother was given another shot at life. Her overall health was satisfactory, and she was determined to seize this opportunity.

Jill and her daughter, who had been by her side throughout this challenging journey, were overjoyed to find that their bond remained as strong as ever. Jill now treasures every minute and values her time with loved ones more than ever before. Witnessing her own loved ones succumb to devastating illnesses has put everything into perspective for Jill, who no longer takes anything for granted.

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