Lord God, I Thank You For The Gift Of Life

Lord God, I thank you for the gift of life and love that you have given me and my family.. I continue Lord to pray for every problem that we encounter everyday that you may Lord God help us to surpass all the trials and problem that comes our way..

Lord,continue also to protect us from harm and danger.. Give us Lord Good health,long life,understnding ,happiness,may you lord God to bless us as we also be a blessing to our fellow Christine give us dear Lord a Good Heart to help people in needs..

I am praying for our safety and please Lord God continue to bless our business because many people depends from our business,our employees that they also remain loyal and honest to us and to our business.. Protect Lord God our business from any harm,I pray for abundance and more costumers everyday.. Bless us dear lord always… AMEN


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