As soon as his parents decided he had to be born, have a look at this beautiful 2-year-old infant.

What could be more lovely than a pregnant woman?

However, because parents believe that the only thing they desire for their unborn child is health, pregnancy can be stressful.

A young couple was anticipating the birth of their first child. They were already planning to call him Brody.

Unfortunately, the scan revealed difficulties and suggested that an abortion could be preferable.

The baby’s parents, Sara and Chris, learned that he had a bilateral cleft lip and palate, which could lead to health issues for him.

The two did not, however, think about having an abortion.

His parents have decided they want Brody to be born, and they will support him and be there for him through whatever difficulties.

They also determined that they would support other parents in understanding that having a child is a blessing and that they should always be proud of their offspring.

Thankfully, Brody’s ailment didn’t require any special attention. Due to difficulties breathing, eating, and drinking, people with cleft lips and palates may find it challenging to go about their daily lives.

Cleft lips and palates have an unknown specific cause as of right now. About 2600–2700 children are born in the United States each year with a cleft lip, and 4450 are born with a cleft lip with or without a cleft palate, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many individuals wrote to Sarah to make fun of her child, but the mother was incredibly resilient and utilized all of these letters to reassure other parents who are going through the same difficulties that everything is going to be well. We must not pay attention to negative speech.

Sara claimed that she is immune to the harmful messages and that Brody wants her to be this way. She wants her son to support other kids who are going through the same thing he is and to reassure them that everything will be well.

Sara experienced a lot of criticism, but she also got a lot of support and love from others. The mother also recalled being in a restaurant one day when a man approached her and made her an offer of $1,000 to help Brody.

The money Brody’s parents laid aside was used to pay for his necessary surgery.

Thankfully, Brody was able to receive surgery, and he is now completely recovered! The parents are happy with the results thus far but think that Brody may require additional procedures.

Sara and Chris claimed that the cleft community gave them a lot of support. Numerous individuals prayed for Brody’s wellbeing.