Little Johnny, oh how we adore his hilarious antics and unexpected twists! This time, he found himself in quite a predicament during a lesson. But, instead of feeling embarrassed, he found the whole situation uproariously funny. And you won’t believe the teacher’s punishment!

Little Johnny

During class, Little Johnny let out a thunderous fart that caught everyone’s attention. The teacher, of course, was not pleased and promptly told him to leave the classroom. And obediently, he did just that.

Little Johnny outside the classroom

After being banished to the hallway, he couldn’t help but burst into uncontrollable laughter. The principal, noticing his amusement, approached him and inquired about the reason for his mirth.

Amid stifled laughter, Johnny managed to explain, “I farted in class, and the teacher kicked me out.” The principal, puzzled, asked why he was finding it so amusing.

Little Johnny laughing

Still chuckling, Little Johnny responded, “Well, those poor souls are stuck in the classroom, inhaling my fart, while I’m out here, enjoying the fresh air!”

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