Kellie Pickler’s husband, Kyle Jacobs was discovered dead inside their Nashville home.

Our thoughts go to American Idol alum Kellie Pickler, whose husband, Kyle Jacobs, died recently.

According to the Nashville Police Department, Jacobs committed suicide inside the Tennessee house he shared with Pickler. According to news sources, Jacobs shot himself in an upstairs room.

Pickler was inside the house when he committed suicide. According to police, she was sleeping at the time.

Pickler awoke from her snooze, unable to locate Jacobs, and began searching for him. When she couldn’t open the door to the room, Jacobs was eventually found; she dialed 911.

Jacobs was only 49 years old when he died.

Pickler and Jacobs were married in 2011. Jacobs is a well-known songwriter who has collaborated with various country music legends, such as Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Darius Rucker, and Kelly Clarkson.

Pickler and Jacobs had no children together. This narrative is currently in the works.


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