Here’s what Jim Carrey thinks about Will Smith’s reaction

Most likely everyone knows about the Oscar incident with Will Smith. Everyone who has heard of this has given their opinion on Will’s reaction, even his fellow actors. Jim Carrey did not agree with Will’s reaction and did not shy away from harsh criticism.

In case you don’t remember, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the Oscar stage after Chris made a joke about his wife Will.
“I was enraged. He shouldn’t have been led away from the room ”, said Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey also said he did not understand why the audience applauded Will Smith when he won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Will definitely have to think better before going on stage because the images will always remain online and will not be able to be deleted. Will’s reputation has also been completely tarnished by this act of violence. Many people believe that Will should be prosecuted for what he did.

Jim Carrey said Will had to realize that there would be millions of people around the world who would see those images, so he had to think before he acted. Here’s what Jim Carrey said: “That slap seemed to come out of nowhere because something was bothering Will at the time. All I can do is wish them luck. Will Smith is not someone I dislike. He accomplished great things, but it was not a happy period for him. That evening, it clouded everyone’s wonderful moment. It was a selfish moment, to be sure ”

Chris Rock was able to react very well to what happened. He laughed immediately after being hit by Will Smith and tried to calm the actor so that he would calmly come down from the stage.
After a while, Chris talked about the incident and said that he is still trying to understand what happened and will not give further statements at the moment. There will probably be a time when Chris will be able to laugh about what happened at the Oscars and even have some jokes ready for his shows about this incident, but right now he needs time to accept what happened and to go further.

Smith went on to win his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Serena and Venus Williams ’father in King Richard.
Later, a few days after the Oscars, Will publicly apologized to the American Film Academy and Chris Rock, and since March Will has not been active on social media. Before the Oscars, Will posted very often, but at the moment he has not posted anything, and this shows that the actor has not yet overcome what he did and needs time before returning to the public.