Celebrities and fashion industry veterans are paying their respects to Dame Vivienne Westwood, the late English designer, and activist who died on Thursday. She was 81 years old.

According to a statement on Instagram by the company, Westwood died peacefully in Clapham, South London, surrounded by friends and family. The reason for death was not immediately disclosed.

“Up to the very last minute, Vivienne kept doing what she loved: designing, creating art, writing a book, and helping the world. She led an extraordinary life. Her impact on creation and society over the last 60 years has been significant and will be remembered.”

“The world needs people like Vivienne to make a positive difference,” the label stated.

Westwood is acknowledged for revolutionizing the face of fashion, particularly in the mid-1970s in London. His influence has been felt by many celebrities, designers, stylists, and models, who have expressed their sorrow and appreciation for the fashion giant on social media.

The Halloween actress paid respect to Westwood with three Instagram photos. In one, she recalls dating English artist Adam Ant, who sent her a “big shipment of clothes” from Westwood and exposed her to the genius of the designer.

“I was raised in a relatively conservative home; my stepfather was a Marine, and my mother was a decent girl,” Curtis said in his post description. This collection of garments that appeared to belong to a pirate intrigued and scared me.

“I tried my hardest to wear it, but it was avant-garde and punk and dangerous and rebellious, none of which words you would associate with me,” she explained.

The Emmy nominee also revealed how her hairstylist, Sean James, who Curtis described as a “devotee and brand ambassador forever” of Westwood, reignited her love for the company in a separate post.

“I’ve been observing her magic via him for all these years. I wish I were wearing those clothes right now. Curtis, a true icon and a gifted lady, died.

She also shared a photo of Westwood’s autobiography’s cover with the comment, “I N F L U E N C E R @viviennewestwood REST IN PUNK.”